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Tuition Packages

Online Tuition Overview

Online Tuition Overview

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Who is the ideal Jigsaw Phonics Star learner?

Jigsaw Phonics with Kara is offered as online tutoring for children ages 4-8. Although I am a UK based tutor, children based in the UK or other parts of the world will benefit from the lessons and may or may not have English as a first language.

The structured, cumulative progression of the Jigsaw Phonics programme is suitable for children with literacy challenges and who may be on the dyslexia spectrum.

Evidence based research on phonics

Evidence-based research shows phonics interventions-teaching knowledge of the relationship between written symbols and sounds-adds 4-5 months of progress over a year on average for children who received the intervention compared to similar children who did not.

Reported in Nature, Vol 605, 26 May 2022

How long are the lessons and how are they taught?

Jigsaw Phonics lessons are designed to be taught online in 30-minute long sessions, either in pairs or in small groups. Lessons are also suitable for 1:1 sessions.

To get the best results and outcomes for your child, it is recommended that tuition takes place little and often, so 2x 30-minute sessions a week will have the biggest impact on your child's learning.

My tutoring plans are based on working with children ages 4-8 who are in early years and KS1 education. Lessons are offered after school during the week according to my current availability. See my schedule



I offer individual, one-to-one lessons of 45-minutes in length or 2x 30 minute sessions if this is more suitable to your child's needs. 


When you book a call with me I will discuss with you my packages to find the one that works best for you and your family. Find out more

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Small Group Tutoring
Phonics tutoring for 3-4 children

What is mini-group tuition?
Mini-group tuition or small group tutoring is tailored support for no more than 4 children. Mini-group tutoring with Kara is specifically for children ages 4-7. 
How does small group tutoring work?

Small group tutoring or mini-group tuition is a group of 3-4 children. Children will be matched based on age, compatable personality, similar needs and understanding levels. Children will get the same personalised attention that they get in one-to-one but will have the added benefit of working with others.

Small Group Tutoring

Benefits of Small group tutoring with a Jigsaw Phonics Expert

Small-group tutoring can have so many advantages for your child, including:

1. Personalised attention:  small groups mean children get plenty of individualised attention and support. As a primary teacher with classes of 30+, I used the small group model to successfully increase achievement levels as I was able to give individual children lots of focused attention.

2. Peer interaction: children can learn from each other through group discussions and collaboration, enhancing their social skills like listening carefully, asking appropriate questions and taking turns.

3. Increased motivation:  children are spurred on by each other to learn and succeed as they help each other to do their best.
4. Improved understanding: children love explaining things to each other, and that deepens their own understanding. They also learn so much from questions they might not have thought to ask.

5. Making friends: children are highly social and the chance to make new friends and enjoy the change from established classroom dynamics is refreshing and motivating.

6. Price-effectiveness: unless your child needs especially high levels of support because they have specific learning needs, small-group tutoring is more cost-effective than one-to-one tutoring, your child enjoys a less intense experience that one-to-one lessons but the outcomes will be the same.
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Hi, I'm Kara, a literacy specialist  and phonics tutor. I can help your child build their confidence in literacy. Book a call to get started today!

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Paired Tutoring 1:2
Phonics tutoring for two children

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What is Paired or Buddy tuition?
Paired or buddy tuition is when your child works with a tutor plus another child of the same age and matching ability. Your child's tutoring buddy could be a friend already.
How does paired tutoring work?

If your child would like to work with a friend or if I have another student whom I think would work well with your child then this is a great option. Children will be matched based on age, compatible personality, similar needs and understanding levels. 

Benefits of Paired Phonics Tutoring with a Jigsaw Phonics Expert

When children work with another child who is at a similar level to them, and their personalities are compatible, paired tutoring has these advantages:

1. Peer support:  children receive support and help from another child who has a similar level of understanding and has a compatible personality, leading to a more comfortable and less intimidating or intense learning environment.

2. Increased motivation:  both students spur each other on to be successful.

3. Skills development:  tutors can develop leadership, communication and problem-solving skills-plus a whole range of other social skills-as they guide two children to work with each other effectively.
4. Improved understanding: children reinforce their own learning when they explain what they know, so having a partner to work with is a huge benefit..

5. Language development: if a child has specific language and communication needs, paired tutoring allows for a much more natural speaking environment with a partner child with plenty of time to speak and plenty of individual attention from their tutor to focus on their needs.

6. Price-effective: unless your child needs especially high levels of support because they have specific learning needs, paired tutoring is often more enjoyable for children and easily as successful as 1:1 tutoring because your child gets so much individual support.
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Hi, I'm Kara, a literacy specialist and phonics tutor. I can help your child build their confidence in literacy. Book a call to get started today!

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Paired Tutoring

Individual Tuition 
One-to-One Tutoring 

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What is one-to-one tuition?
When your child works with a tutor 1:1, they are getting individual, specialised support that is personalised specifically to your child's learning needs.
How does one-to-one tutoring work?

Your child will work with me 1:1 in their tutoring sessions. This is ideal if your child has Dyslexia, other individual learning differences or higher social needs. I offer specialist tutoring to meet your child's learning needs and to help them reach their potential.

I offer 1:1 sessions to children ages 5 and up.

One-to-one tutoring
Benefits of One-to-one phonics tutoring
with a Primary Literacy Specialist

1:1 tutoring may be optimal for your child in these situations:

1. You know best:  you may feel that the 1:1 option will really suit your child because you know them best.

2. Shyness: if your child is very shy, anxious, or easily overwhelmed, they may prefer to work with just one adult to create trust and security.

3. (Suspected) dyslexia:  if your child has higher reading needs and spelling challenges, they will need to work at their own pace and in a way they learn best, so 1:1 is the ideal choice for them.
4. Higher social needs: if your child is on the autism spectrum, doesn't enjoy interacting socially, or has special interests that a tutor can focus on, 1:1 tutoring is the perfect solution.

5. Learning differences: if your child has any other higher needs (ADHD, dyspraxia, delayed speech etc.) that a tutor needs to work with and create a tailored programme around, 1:1 is the best choice.

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Hi, I'm Kara, a literacy specialist  and phonics tutor. I can help your child build their confidence in literacy. Book a call to get started today!

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