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Meet Kara
Primary Tutor
I help your child become a confident learner

As a KS1 teacher at a primary school in England, I was inspired to help children develop their reading and writing skills.

Several years later, I started my online tutoring business, Just 2 Imagine Tutors, to support children's learning.  Now I can teach children from across the UK and overseas with online learning.

I am a qualified teacher, online tutor, and primary reading expert devoted to education and promoting an inclusive philosophy that 'All children can learn!'


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Outstanding Primary Teacher
to Expert Reading Tutor
& Teacherpreneur
  • Owner of Just 2 Imagine Tutors since 2020
  • Official Jigsaw Phonics Tutor
  • Specialised in Literacy and Dyslexia support
  • Member of The Tutors Association 
  • Qualified Teacher, QTS UK
  • 24 years of teaching experience 
  • Master of Arts Early Years Education, UCL 
  • Reading Specialist, UVA 
  • Bachelor of Arts in English Education (Primary) 
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“Magic is believing in yourself,
if you can do that,
you can make anything happen!”
Johann Von Goethe.

This is my motto which I live by!

I teach my students to have perseverance,

determination and a positive growth mindset.

Favourite Quote
My Mission

My Mission is to help kids become happy, confident learners

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When I'm not teaching my Year 1 class, you can find me in my office tutoring kids on Zoom or teaching a small group online reading class!

I also love my garden and going for long walks in the countryside.


5 Fun Facts About Me

1. Mum to my charming teenage son, Dylan (named after my favourite poet).

2. I saw my favourite teacher, the day I got my first teaching job! I was working at a department store when I got the call.

3. Kitty mummy to Lulu, a very loving, tortie lioness with attitude (when she meows it's more like a roar).

4. My hubby and I secretly love to watch Judge Judy.

5. I have to have a cuppa every day for tea time! 

Fun Facts about Me
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