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The Best Literacy Support for your child


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Are you thinking, does it really matter when my child learns to read? 
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Literacy Matters

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"Young children learning to read is one of the most important things primary education does. It's fundamental to children making progress in life."  
Dominic Wyse, a professor of primary education at the University College of London
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Yes, it does matter when your child learns to read and also how they learn to read because learning to read is an essential life skill.

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Learning to read can be tricky at first. Each evening when you sit down to help your child, it might not always go to plan. This can leave you both feeling frustrated.

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Do you worry about your child falling behind and you don't know where to begin? You already do enough as a parent, you don't need to be a qualified teacher too!

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How would you like someone to do this for you?

Plus give you regular updates on your child's progress and homework to help consolidate skills.

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Imagine your child learning to read in a way that suits them with the right learning tools and support to help them make progress.

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How good would it feel to see tangible evidence that your child is thriving and getting the results you want?

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Hi, I'm Kara, a qualified teacher, primary tutor and literacy expert.

 I can help build your child's reading confidence so you can relax knowing your child is happy and confident and getting the best help and support.

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Literacy Tutoring

Phonics Tutoring


I offer Phonics support for children ages 4-9. I am a Phonics expert and Official Phonics Tutor of Jigsaw Phonics.

Jigsaw Phonics, is a solid, structured programme to help children learn letters and sounds and support their reading and spelling development.

It is suitable for all children but also for children with literacy challenges and who may be on the dyslexia spectrum.

There are three different levels of phonics featuring the 'Three Amigo' characters that children love, Puzzle the panda, Wug the alien, and Trick the robot.

I teach phonics sessions in small online groups after school. 

If you are interested in getting your child on my waiting list, please get in touch!

Literacy Tutoring


I offer Literacy support for children ages 4-11. I am a Literacy expert and an experienced Primary teacher. 


Reading Tutoring

What I offer:

Reading support to help your child 

develop skills in the following:

  • Phonics-to understand that the sounds in speech relate to letters

  • Reading fluency-ability to read with speed and accuracy

  • Vocabulary-understanding of individual word meaning

  • Reading comprehension-ability to find meaning from text and inferencing skills

I support struggling readers, reluctant readers, and children with learning differences. 


Writing Tutoring

What I offer:

Writing support to help your child develop skills in the following:


  • spelling 

  • handwriting


  • formulating ideas and organising  them in their speech and writing

  • writing with clarity

  • awareness of audience

  • purpose and context

  • vocabulary and grammar

Grammar and Punctuation

  • understanding grammatical terms and how to use punctuation correctly to enhance their writing

I support struggling writers and children with learning differences.

Phonics Tutoring

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As an official Jigsaw Phonics Tutor, specially trained to teach phonics and early reading, I am excited about introducing Jigsaw Phonics with Kara to the children I tutor.

Jigsaw Phonics is a phonics programme specifically designed to match how children learn to read in the UK and worldwide. The characters, also known as ‘The Three Amigos’ are the hook into phonics that children love. The characters’ powers are signaling strategies that children need to read different kinds of words. But let’s meet the characters and allow them to introduce themselves!

Phoncs Tutoring

Meet the Three Amigos


Puzzle the Panda

Hello! I’m Puzzle the panda. There are two things I love in life: food and reading! When I’m not busy finding something to eat…I’m learning to read. I may be a bit clumsy, but my accidents are never really my fault.


Children love me because they know I am all about words they can sound out, so I am a big help to them. And they love telling me about the new letters and sounds and of course, helping me read too!

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Wug the Alien

Hello! I’m Wug the alien and I almost didn’t make it to planet Earth! I don’t speak much English, so I had to translate this from Wuggish. When I try, I get all muddled up!


Children love calling out “Wuggish, Rubbish! What a lot of nonsense!” when they read my words. They have a lot of fun and they help me learn English!


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Trick the Robot

Hello! I’m Trick the robot! English is the trickiest language to learn because the sounds and letters don’t match very well.


But I’ve got a computer brain that can read and spell every single word! I help the children to remember that they have to read those tricky words in one go.


Children love finding lots of hard words for me to add to my big collection. I’m also trying to teach English to Wug too, but that’s another story!

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Phonics Phase Levels

Jigsaw Phonics Tutoring Learners

Jigsaw Phonics is split into three phonics phases, Puzzle the panda, Wug the alien and Trick the robot. The target age group is children ages 4-9. I will assess your child to find out which phase will fit their needs best. 

Puzzle the panda 

Wug the alien 

Trick the robot

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This level is for children who:

  • are learning to read and write for the first time, from scratch


  •  are making slow progress because letter-sound (phoneme-grapheme) correspondences are not yet automatic

  • they may need support and overlearning to speed up their early reading skills

Think your child is a Puzzle the Panda Learner?

Click below to book a call with me to get started.


This level is for children who are secure in every aspect of the work covered in the Puzzle phase as existing students or have these skills already if they are new students, so children who:

  •  are completely secure with phoneme/grapheme 

      correspondences for single           


  • can segment and blend CVC words successfully for reading and writing

  • can form letters correctly (handwriting)

  • are secure with adjacent consonants that can be sounded out phonetically, like the sl in slip and the nt in tent

  • are learning to read from scratch and have not yet progressed beyond CVC words

Think your child is a Wug the Alien Learner?

Click the link below to book a call with me.


This level is for children who are secure in every aspect of the work covered in the Wug phase, or have these skills already if they are new students, so children who:

  • understand that sounding out is not always a successful strategy for reading or spelling

  • understand that the same phoneme maps onto different graphemes and they have to learn in correspondences for individual words

  • are ready to use the see-cover-write-check to learn and self-correct words

  • are ready to grasp concepts of homophones (they're, their, there)  

  • can begin to monitor their own writing critically and self-correct



Think your child is a Trick the Robot Learner?

Click the link below to book a call with me.

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How to make Phonics and Spelling Fun

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