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helping children to read with confidence

Year 1 Phonics Pals

Attention Year 1 parents:
Is your child ready for the
Year 1 Phonics Screening Check?

The Year 1 Phonics Screening Check is in June!

It will check that your child can…

-sound out and blend graphemes to read simple words

-read phonically decodable one-syllable and two-syllable words

-read a selection of nonsense words.

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Does your child need a phonics boost to help with their reading?

Are you worried your child won’t pass this phonics assessment so you download all the free things off the internet?

Are you suffering from a bad case of freebie-itis trying to prepare your child for the Year 1 Phonics Screening Check?

I totally get it!

This is the same mistake other parents make!

You've tried all the free phonics worksheets on the internet but your child STILL needs help decoding words using their phonics skills.

With everything else you must do, would teaching your child phonics this way, just be frustrating?

If your child finds blending and reading a challenge, it’s not easy to find the right resources that work for your child’s needs.

Worksheet overload will leave your child feeling even more overwhelmed. This may even lead to a tragic death by worksheet! 

And you'll feel hopeless it didn't help...

Death by worksheet.png

If you’re feeling hopeless that nothing seems to help your child improve their reading,
you are not alone.
But there is a solution…

Jigsaw Phonics with Kara


Imagine your child...

learning to read with confidence and able to decode all those tricky words!

How would you like a phonics expert to do this for you?

 A reading tutor, who has the right tools and expertise-effective resources to grow your child’s confidence and enhance their phonics knowledge.

And working with a qualified tutor will remove that uncertainty you feel of what ‘doing the right thing’ is.

All you will have to do is sit back and supervise work you know is effective!

5.pngreading confidence.png
It’s important to understand...
it’s about building your child’s confidence in reading.
It's not about getting instant results.


Imagine the bigger picture...

Your child’s reading confidence will set them up for school success.

So it matters starting today.

Are you ready to help your
Year 1 child improve their reading?

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Year 1 Phonics Pals

Book a Meet and Greet with Kara

Hi, I’m Kara, an online reading tutor and phonics expert. It is my number 1 goal to build children’s confidence in reading and I would love to help your child!

I am excited to launch my online phonics course!

My Year 1 Phonics Pals Class is designed to boost your

child’s phonics skills and prepare them for the Year 1 Phonics Screening Check.

Your child will have fun learning and making friends with the other children in the group.

Book your child a place today! Schedule a quick discovery call with me today to find out more.

Why wait?

Book your child's place by joining our waiting list with no obligation.

What's included?

  • 5 tailored phonics booster sessions with a phonics expert

  • Free Jigsaw Phonics-Wug Activity pack-PDF

  • Make new friends

  • Meet the Jigsaw Phonics pals

  • learn to read with confidence in a fun and effective way with the Phonics Pals to cheer them on!

Your child will learn in a mini group max 4 children.

This will:

  • boost your child's confidence and enthusiasm

  • help your child progress more quickly

  • allow your child to get personalised support from an expert tutor 

***Lessons are specifically made for Year 1 children and Year 2 children retaking phonics screening****

After the booster sessions during May Half Term, you may choose to continue weekly tutoring lessons with me.

Book Now

Ready to join?

Fill out this form to join the waiting list and book your trial lessons with Kara!

Places are limited so join today.

What's the buzz about Kara's phonics lessons?
"My daughter loves her weekly phonics lessons with Kara!
She is so excited to learn and has improved her reading so much this year.
" Mum of a Year 1 child

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Hello, I'm Kara, a qualified primary teacher and official Jigsaw Phonics tutor.

My mission is to improve your child's reading and spelling to give them the confidence to learn successfully.

Kara Cook-Primary Tutor-Contact Details
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