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Ready for your child to start their reading journey?

Where reading begins, progress unfolds for your child's journey ahead.

Together we can launch them on the right path towards reading success.

Reading Skills Check

What phonics group would work best for your child?

The Jigsaw Phonics Reading Check is a quick and effective way to determine what help your child needs and how they will benefit from working with me.

During the reading check, your child will meet the Jigsaw Phonics characters. I will ask your child to identify sounds and read words at the different phonics phases. I will stop the online phonics assessment when it becomes too tricky, so no need to help them.

The results of the check are used as a tool for placing your child in the right Jigsaw Phonics group. It will help me to determine what phonics and reading skills to reinforce, identify your child's learning gaps and how I can best support them.  

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Reading Check
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Only £20 as part of our trial combo!

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Your Child's Reading Check

For a limited time, I am offering a special offer on my reading check assessment for new students. Book your reading check with your trial lesson for only £40!

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Your Child's Reading Journey is an Essential Step
for their School Success and their Future Goals

Don't Leave Reading to Chance...
Guide your child's destination instead.

Book your child's reading check today.

Imagine your child loving the joy of reading so much they want to do it everywhere...
as a happy, confident reader.
Get started today!

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