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helping children to read with confidence

Attention parents of KS 1 children

Is your child struggling with reading?

You need this cheat sheet with 5 reading shortcuts!

reading help for your

These 5 reading shortcuts

  • will make reading more fun for both you and your child

  • are really easy to do

  • will help your child progress more quickly

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5 Super helpful reading hacks-Kara-Primar Tutor

What's the buzz about Kara's reading hacks?
"I can't believe such simple ideas have had such an incredible impact on my child's reading!"
Ashley, mum of 5-year-old Jessie

Parents of KS1 children

Are you ready to help your child to read?

Jigsaw Phonics with Kara

Hello, I'm Kara, a qualified primary teacher and official Jigsaw Phonics tutor.

My mission is to improve your child's reading and spelling to give them the confidence to learn successfully.

Want to help your child to improve their reading?

Kara Cook-Primary Tutor-Contact Me

"Kara is very friendly and helpful. She offered personalised information about dyslexia to help my son. After a few weeks of receiving her tips, I decided to book tutoring lessons for Charlie."
Claire, Hampstead Heath

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