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Top 5 Cherished KS1 Children Books recommended by 5-year-olds

carefully chosen favourite children's books for KS1 readers

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Top 5 cherished KS1 children books recommended by

5-year-olds for your primary or early years learners

Are you looking for books to read with your child? Don't miss out on these well-loved tales!

Here is a list of the top 5 cherished children’s books recommended by 5-year-olds. They were suggested by children whom I have taught over the years and were the top most-read books in our class. They are definitely classics that are both enjoyable to read aloud or for sharing with a friend.

chocolate mouse for greedy goose

1. Chocolate Mousse for Greedy Goose by Julia Donaldson

This book is hysterically funny and was my son’s favourite when he was 3. We loved it so much that when it was time to return it 2 weeks overdue to the library, I said it was lost and bought it instead!

Children can join in the fun at this delicious dinner party, where good manners aren't on the menu! Duck is fussy about carrots, Moth is eating the cloth, and Sheep would rather sleep than wash the dishes.

To top it all off, Goose is being greedy, keeping all the chocolate mousse to himself!

Thank goodness some of the animals know how to behave. Just right for ages 2-4! As ever, there’s an important moral to the story.

mr wolf's pancakes

2. Mr Wolf’s Pancakes by Jan Fearnley

Poor Mr Wolf fancies making pancakes but doesn’t know how to make them!

When he asks his neighbours, they are rude and refuse to help, so he has to do it all by himself. He makes a tasty batch and have you guessed who wants to eat those delicious, yummy pancakes?

This is a brilliantly funny twist on a well-loved classic fairy tale, packed full of fun and humour, and will have young readers roaring with laughter.

Perfect pancake day picture book or for cosying up to read aloud.

we're going on a bear hunt

3. We're Going on a Bear Hunt by Michael Rosen

This is one of those fun and interactive read-along books that most under 5s know by heart! I can still remember my first reception class chanting along to it!

Join this family’s adventure as they set off on a beautiful day in search of a bear. Along the way, they wade through the long-wavy grass-swishy-swashy, splash through a deep, cold river, and squelch through the thick, oozy mud.

But they’re not scared. They are full of confidence until…they are face-to-face with a real bear and find it more frightening than they thought!

We're going on a bear hunt. We're going to catch a big one. Will you come too? Recommended for children ages 3-7.

Here's a fantastic video of Michael Rosen performing We're Going on a Bear Hunt for you to enjoy with your child.

the gruffalo

4. The Gruffalo by Julia Donaldson

No list would be complete without this classic tale!

When a clever mouse takes a stroll through the deep dark wood, he finds many animals looking to gobble him up as a tasty snack. But he manages to outwit each one by inventing tales of a Gruffalo, a gruesome creature with terrible claws, terrible tusks, and terrible teeth in his terrible jaws.

It’s a splendid trick and scares off his enemies. But what will the little mouse do when he meets a real Gruffalo? Children love this rhyming story as both a fun read-aloud and for dramatic play. Recommended for children ages 3-7.

For more information on the Gruffalo books, games, and activities visit their website

Last but not least...


5. Supertato by Sue Hendra

This might be my favourite but it is so hard to choose!

Total mayhem in the kitchen begins when one badly behaved pea escapes from the freezer.

Fortunately, Supertato, a superhero tater is there to save the day with his superhero antics. He gives chase through yummy cakes, faces a near-fatal disaster, and much more.

Finally, the pea is trapped and marched back to the freezer along with his accomplices.

Supertato is a much-loved hero who won’t be mashed and is always there for you when the chips are down! No pun intended. Recommended for 3 + readers but enjoyed by children young and old.

I hope you enjoyed reading my list! Read further to find out where you can get a copy of these books. Also please vote for your child's favourite!

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What is your child's favourite children's book?

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