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Welcome to Just 2 Imagine Tutors

Just 2 Imagine Tutors provides the best online phonics and early literacy tutoring to children ages 4-8 years. 

Imagine your child flourishing into a  confident, happy reader and writer. Your child will be led by an experienced English tutor with online lessons to suit their needs.

You'll be amazed at your child's results when they become a Jigsaw Phonics Star!

starburst-teal Jigsaw Phonics with Kara (c) 2023
starburst-teal Jigsaw Phonics with Kara (c) 2023
My mission
kara and phonics pals.png

Qualified Teacher, 24 years
MA Early Years Education
English Tutor Online

Early Years and KS1 Parents:
Are you looking for reading help for your child?

Hi, I'm Kara- a qualified teacher turned primary tutor and phonics expert. Join me on my mission to help children learn to read with confidence.

Book a call to get started!

Start Your Child's Reading Success Journey
with Kara-Your Jigsaw Phonics Tutor Online!

Is your little one ready to blast off on an exciting reading adventure? I'm Kara, your dedicated online phonics tutor, early literacy specialist and reading expert, here to transform your beginner reader into an independent and successful reader.

With my effective reading support, your child will develop their phonics skills and learn to read with confidence in a fun and exciting way.

Why Choose Us

Unlock Your Child's Reading Potential with Kara-Primary Tutor and Phonics Expert!

Jigsaw Phonics Star (C)2023  Kara Cook
Jigsaw Phonics Star (C)2023 Kara Cook
Phonics Excellence_(C)2023 Kara Cook

Phonics Excellence

🐼Fun and exciting phonics lessons with loveable characters led by myself, a qualified primary teacher of 24 years, and experienced phonics expert. 🚀Your child will benefit from proven methods and tailored strategies that lead to confident reading, writing and spelling skills.

TTA Member Expertise (C)2023 Kara Cook

Expertise You Can Trust

Results (C)2023 Kara Cook

Results that Shine

Results that Shine (c)2023 Kara Cook

🌟Experienced English Tutor online

Member of The Tutors' Association 

🌟Professional Enhanced DBS-checked tutor

🌟Kara has an up-to-date Child Safeguarding and Protection training certificate. *Kara brings a wealth of experience and literacy training to guide your child's phonics-reading journey. *Rest easy knowing your child is in capable hands.

🌟Experience exceptional outcomes! Kara's track record speaks volumes – children who engage with my Jigsaw Phonics with Kara programme consistently show impressive progress, gaining the tools they need for a lifetime of successful reading.

Don't take our word for it...hear what my clients and students have to say!

What's the buzz about Jigsaw Phonics with Kara

Puzzle-I know how to read (C)2023 Kara Cook

"I know how to read! I can help Puzzle the Panda!
Charlotte , age 6

buzzy bee (C)2023 Kara Cook
Helping Children to read with confidence (c)2023 Jigsaw Phonics with Kara
Why Jigsaw Phonics with Kara

Families love my Tuition Services...

Mum of 5-year-old, Jessie,
Phonics and Reading Tuition

"My daughter loves her phonics lessons! She can't wait to see what the characters are up to. Thanks to Kara, her reading has improved, and she is excited about reading and loves it." 

Mum of 6-year-old, Jordan, Phonics and Reading Tuition

"What an amazing transformation this past year! My son, Jordan, has been working with Kara since April last year. It was a struggle every night to get him to read.
Kara is patient and encouraging and helped to build his confidence. He went from being behind in reading to a fluent reader! His Year 2 teacher is very pleased with his progress, and so am I. Thank you for all your support." 

Mum of 5-year-old, Chloe,
Phonics and Reading Tuition

"I am so delighted with my daughter's progress in reading! Kara is very patient and makes learning fun. 
When Chloe first started her lessons, she had no interest in reading, but now she is asking to go to the library every week to get more books.
Thank you so much!" 

3 pink spotty stars (c)2023 K Cook

Get these 5 super helpful hacks to support your child with reading and spelling!

3 pink spotty stars (c)2023 K Cook
reading hacks-Kara-Primary Tutor

Expert KS1 English Tutor Online offering Jigsaw Phonics Tutoring

As an official Jigsaw Phonics Tutor, I can help you with your child's phonics and early literacy learning. Your child will shine as a Jigsaw Phonics Star!

Building Strong Literacy Foundations, Together

Building strong Literacy foundations is essential at the beginning stages of school. Jigsaw Phonics with Kara is a comprehensive and effective phonics tutoring programme combining phonics with vital literacy skills-reading, writing, and spelling.

Imagine your child learning to read in a fun and exciting way! Your little one will be excited about learning phonics alongside the loveable Jigsaw Phonics characters,

Puzzle, Wug, and Trick.

Personalised Learning, Exciting Progress

Each child is unique, so my reading tutoring is tailored to your child’s needs. Together, we'll embark on a reading adventure that suits your child perfectly.

Rocket Your Child's Reading Success!

Ready to see your child's confidence take off? Let's chat and start this incredible journey. Book your free discovery call to get started.

Jigsaw Phonics with Kara, (c) 2023
Rocket to Reading Success.png
green shooting star(c)2023 K Cook
3 pink spotty stars (C)2023 Kara Cook
3 green spotty stars(c)2023 K Cook
3 blue spotty stars (c)2023 K Cook
girl and jigsaw phonics pals (c)2023 Jigsaw Phonics with Kara
3 big coloured stars (C) Jigsaw Phonics with Kara


3 big coloured stars (C) 2023 Jigsaw Phonics with Kara

I can help your child with their reading journey from phonics to comprehension and fluency. I will be there every step of the way to cheer you on!

What should every parent know about helping their child with reading? Find out in this Free '5 Helpful Hacks for supporting your child's reading and spelling' Toolkit 

star-blue (C)2023 Jigsaw Phonics with Kara
3 big coloured stars (C) 2023 Jigsaw Phonics with Kara
3 big coloured stars (C) 2023 Jigsaw Phonics with Kara
3 big coloured stars (C) 2023 Jigsaw Phonics with Kara
3 big coloured stars (C) 2023 Jigsaw Phonics with Kara
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