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6 Advantages of Online Tutoring for KS1 children

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6 Advantages of Online Tutoring for KS1 children

Shh, I'm going to let you in on a little secret. The most important opinion when it comes to your child's learning is your own. So if you are looking for a private tutor to help your KS1 child, there are a few things to consider so you can make the best choice for your early reader.

Online tutoring for KS1 children offers flexibility and hidden benefits you may not have thought about that can make learning to read fun and exciting.

Obviously you know your child best, but I've got you covered with all the latest features, benefits and results of effective online tutoring at your fingertips to help you make your decision easier. Keep scrolling for major motivation then... take action!

What Is Online Tutoring?

Online tutoring is simply a form of teaching, usually one-to-one or small group tuition that takes place over the Internet in real-time. It allows learners and tutors to work with each other via an online or virtual environment from separate physical locations. The requirements for online tutoring are usually just that the student and tutor both have a good internet connection and a device that’s able to receive or deliver the online lesson. ( 2023)

Child writing on the screen
Interactive writing

Effective Online Tutoring for KS1 Children

Research shows that online tutoring can be as effective if not more effective in some cases than in-person tuition. It can be the right choice if you are looking for flexibility as well as an expert tutor for your child. Learning from the comfort of your own home is usually a plus as children are more relaxed and eager to participate in lessons.

Multisensory Activities
Whiteboard and Pen

Online tutoring can be an effective choice for dyslexic children who are likely to benefit from specialised reading tutoring.

Online tutors can adapt traditional sensory approaches with the combined use of modern technologies and multisensory activities.

For example, during online tutoring, KS1 children can show their tutor their work by using mini-whiteboards to write words. This helps them to make clear connections to letters and sounds.

There are several practical advantages to choosing online tuition over in-person tuition when deciding on the best literacy support for your child.

In the following chart, I have outlined the 6 key features of online tutoring, the benefits of why it is an effective choice, and the results that children experience. Hopefully, this makes it crystal clear why online tutoring is an excellent choice to make.




1. Personalised attention from the tutor

Children get plenty of focused support adapted to their needs and learning style.

Faster progress and better results.

​2. Children can learn from anywhere

Online tutoring is flexible, making it easier to fit tutoring sessions into busy schedules.

​Shorter lessons offered more often mean children learn faster.

3. Children are engaged in learning

Interactive and fun learning with a mix of online resources and hands-on activities.

A more enhanced and effective learning experience with planned and ‘in the moment’ learning.

4. Children have access to expert tutors

Children get support from a qualified tutor with expert knowledge and experience.

​Frequent progress reports and better results.

5. Children get instant feedback

Children can self-correct and learn in small chunks.

​Children’s confidence and self-esteem increase.

6. Price-effective for parents

An effective way for children to learn with no need for additional travel costs or resources.

The same or better outcomes compared to in-person tutoring.

Effective Online Tutoring

When choosing online tutoring for your child, it is important to find a highly trained tutor with an effective approach to get the best results. Evidence shows that online tutoring is more effective when the tutor works closely matched to learners' needs and offers children positive feedback and keeps children fully engaged in their lessons. This includes a mixture of practical and virtual activities shared during the lesson.

Online tutoring works well for literacy learning. Children can engage in fun and interactive activities in phonics lessons like the example below!

Jigsaw Phonics Lesson
Phonics with Kara

Tutors can also engage children in writing stories. Instead of planning ideas on paper, they can draw and write on the screen which can be saved and used in future lessons.

Fantasy World
Interactive Literacy Lesson

As I have worked both as a private in-person and online tutor, my choice would be online tutoring as I love the flexibility it offers and how fun and interactive the lessons are. My students feel the same way and get to know me just as much as if I came to their house.

Just last week I was working with a child who mentioned he loved dinosaurs. In an instant... with the help of ‘in the moment’ planning, I was able to find on the Internet-dinosaur facts, videos, and e-books for us to explore! Couldn’t do that if I went to someone’s house!

Final thoughts...

All children learn differently and only you know your child best. If your child has high learning needs, online tutoring may not be the best option. However, if you are looking for a flexible schedule and your child needs a boost of confidence, focused support and to close their learning gaps in reading, online tutoring is an excellent choice.

It’s hard to always combine the teacher and parent roles at home. Imagine how helpful it would be to have a tutor by your side to guide your child’s learning and give you some trained, experienced insights into how your child is progressing.

That’s exactly what I can help with. I can assess your child’s reading level to give them exactly the right support. You’ll get monthly progress reports and noticeable results. And the advantage of my online tutoring in small groups is not only that your child will make excellent progress, but they also get to make new friends too. That’s a huge motivating factor for all children and an extra bonus for home-schooled children.

Kara Cook, owner of Just 2 Imagine Tutors
Kara-Primary Tutor

Have a chat with me to find out how I can support your child. Places are limited so get in touch today.

Kara Cook

Primary Tutor and Phonics Expert


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