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Energise Your Day: 5 Fun Phonics Activity Hacks for Back-to-School Year 1 Success

Morning Routine Hacks: Incorporating Phonics with your Year 1 Child for a Smooth Start to the School Day - Part 1

How to Energise your day: Phonics Hacks for Year 1 Back to School Success (C)2023 Best Phonics Tutor
Part 1 Phonics Hacks

Phonics Hacks for Back to School Year 1 Success
Part 1

How to Energise Your Day: 5 Fun Phonics Activity Hacks for Back-to-School Year 1 Success

Mornings with young ones can be a whirlwind, but fear not! There are several ways to turn school morning chaos into a calm and enjoyable experience, especially for children transitioning into Year 1.

Here are five phonics activity hacks to make your Year 1 child's Back-to-School morning routines smoother and more educational.

These school readiness ideas infuse early literacy, phonics and positivity into your routine with enriching phonics-reading activities, setting the stage for a positive and productive day.

#1 Rise and Shine with Phonics Yoga (C)2023
Phonics Yoga

1. Rise and Shine with Alphabet Yoga

Engage your child's body and mind with Alphabet Letter Yoga.

Encourage your child to strike poses resembling letters while saying their sounds.

It's a fun way to boost flexibility and reinforce letter-sound recognition and phonological awareness.

You can enhance this simple yoga activity by playing calming music for your child to move to.

Set up a yoga mat and watch your child get creative with their Phonics Yoga!

Phonics Yoga-girl relaxing and moving like the letter Y (c)2023
Phonics Yoga

Starting the day with stretching and physical movement will leave your child feeling calm, refreshed and ready to take on their busy day at school!


#2 Interactive Phonics Story Wake Up (c)2023
Phonics Story

2. Interactive Phonics Story Wake-Up

Get up a little bit earlier and enjoy reading a fun book together!

Replace the alarm clock with interactive storytelling. Read a book emphasising a specific letter sound, encouraging your child to spot words that start with that sound.

Choose a favourite book that is lively-one your child will be excited to get up to read with you.

#2 Interactive Phonics Story with your child
Enjoying phonics-reading fun!

There are so many great phonics and early readers books to choose from.

There are fantastic Back-to-School offers to get you started at Books2Door.

#3 Phonics Breakfast Hunt
Phonics Breakfast Hunt

3. Phonics Breakfast Hunt

Turn breakfast into a phonics treasure hunt! Hide sticky notes with letters around the kitchen, and have your child say the sound of the letters they find.

Make this even more enjoyable by creating breakfasts that match the sounds your child is learning.

Imagine your child's delight to find and eat the matching plate of 'bear' pancakes when they find the 'ear' (air) sound or the 'ow' for owl-shaped scrambled eggs on a bacon log!

Phonics Breakfast Hunt
Yummy Phonics Breakfast

#4 Musical Phonics Jingle
Phonics Jingle

4. Musical Phonics Jingle

Craft a catchy morning jingle with phonics sounds.

Sing it during tasks like brushing teeth, making routines musical and fun.

Children love to make up silly songs that rhyme so this is one sure the please your child's creative endeavours.

Why not get some musical instruments and play along with their diddly? If you are stuck for ideas, you can always sing a favourite song or use it as inspiration to create your own!

Phonics Jingle
Phonics Jingle

Here's a favourite morning song that my Year 1 children always enjoyed each morning.

Your child will have fun singing along and dancing to this Back-to-School classic!

When your child comes up with their own phonics jingle...make sure you record it!

Wake Up! by Out of the Ark Music

#5 Letter-Sound Scavenger Hunt
Phonics Scavenger Hunt

5. Letter-Sound Scavenger Adventure

Encourage exploration with a letter-sound scavenger hunt. Find objects starting with the day's letter sound. It's learning through play.

Give your child the sound of the day and see how many things they can find starting with that sound.

For example, "Today's sound is 'i'? What can you find that starts with the 'i' sound?"

Take this activity outside...can your child find an 'i-i-insect'?

Phonics Scavenger Hunt
Phonics Scavenger Hunt

What's next?

Start the new school year off with phonics fun. Include these phonics hacks into your morning routine to transform it into a joyful and enlightening experience for both you and your child.

Stay tuned for Part 2, where we'll reveal the rest of the exciting phonics-infused morning routine hacks!

Share your own experiences and stay connected with me on @just2imaginetutors using #PhonicsMorningMagic.

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Happy Morning routines with Phonics Morning Magic!

xx Kara

Primary Tutor & Phonics Expert


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