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Phonics 1:1 Lessons

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1:1 Phonics Tutoring Lessons

Is your child a beginner reader? I can help your child learn to read with personalised learning and 1:1 support. This can provide additional support alongside group sessions or as a booster to build your child's confidence. 


Phonics Learning

Learning phonics is lots of fun!

We learn the different sounds that letters make and use the sounds to read words. Children love to teach Froggy as he needs help blending his sounds.


Phonics Play

During phonics play, we apply our knowledge of sounds by reading CVC words and sentences, and tricky words in interactive games. Sometimes we use magnetic letters both hands-on and digital.

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Decodable Books

Our favourite part of the lesson is getting to read a decodable book. Children practice their reading through books that are appropriate for their reading level and knowledge.


helping your child read with confidence

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