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Phonics 1:1 Lessons

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1:1 Phonics Tuition Lessons for Struggling Readers 

Does your child have specific learning differences and need extra reading support? I can help your child with my phonics tutoring.

My one-to-one phonics tutoring lessons are for children with dyslexia and other learning differences or if 1:1 is a better fit for your child.

I will create a personalised learning plan to help your child become a successful reader. Individual lessons can provide additional support alongside group sessions or be used as a booster to build your child's confidence. 


Phonics Learning

Learning phonics is lots of fun!

We learn the different sounds that letters make and use the sounds to read words. Children love to teach Froggy as he needs help blending his sounds.


Phonics Play

During phonics play, we apply our phonetic knowledge using interactive games  and multisensory activities. Sometimes we use magnetic letters, and a mini whiteboard to read and write words.

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Decodable Books

Our favourite part of the lesson is getting to read a decodable book. Children practice their reading through books that are appropriate for their reading level and knowledge.

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Phonics with Puzzle the Panda

Learning phonics and how to read with Puzzle  is lots of fun!

We learn the different sounds that letters make and use the sounds to read CVC words. Children love to teach Puzzle how to blend sounds and interact with Froggy too.

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Phonics with Wug the Alien

During the Wug phase, children continue to learn new sounds (Phase 3 and 4) and begin to read and write words with digraphs and blends.

Children working 1:1 will go at their own pace and their learning will be focused on their needs.

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Phonics with Trick the Robot

During the Trick phase, children learn trickier sounds and alternative spellings (Phase 5 &6). They also learn to read and spell tricky words.

Children working 1:1 in this phase will have a focus on writing sentences and reading comprehension too.

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