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FAQ: Online Literacy Tutoring

🌟 Frequently Asked Questions 🌟

1. Why choose me for online tutoring in phonics, reading, and literacy?
I offer exclusive benefits through Jigsaw Phonics:

  • Expertise: With a UK degree and 24 years of teaching experience, especially in Early Years and primary level, I bring invaluable expertise in phonics and reading development.

  • Accredited Tutor: As an accredited Jigsaw Phonics tutor, I ensure proficiency in the phonics curriculum for children aged 4-9.

  • Personalised Attention: I provide tailored instruction in online mini-groups, buddy, or one-to-one sessions, using interactive, multi-sensory techniques.

  • Engaging Programme: My programme includes the lovable "Three Amigos" - Puzzle the Panda, Wug the Alien, and Trick the Robot - to make learning fun.

  • Inclusive Learning: My programme supports all children, including those with literacy differences and dyslexia, both in Great Britain and internationally.

  • Proven Success: Testimonials from happy parents attest to the effectiveness of my approach, enhancing children's reading and spelling abilities. 

2. What qualifications and experience do I have?
I hold a Bachelor of Arts in English, UK Qualified Teacher Status, and a Master of Arts in Early Years Education. With 24 years of teaching experience, I have proven myself as an exceptional Primary class teacher, particularly in Early Years and Key Stage 1. As a certified Jigsaw Phonics tutor, I provide a customised literacy programme aligned with the British National Curriculum, creating a dynamic and nurturing learning environment. My expertise ensures your child receives the specialist support needed to enhance their phonics and reading skills.

3. What are my rates for expert literacy tutoring?
I offer premium online tutoring services in Hampshire, UK, with fees reflecting my commitment to excellence. Various flexible options, including one-to-one, buddy, or mini-group packages, are available, invoiced every four weeks in advance.

Currently, 1:1 is £24 per 30-minute session, 1:2 is £22 per 30-minute session and mini-groups are charged as £20 per 30-minute session.

4. How long are my literacy lessons and what is the frequency?
My lessons are 30 minutes long, with a minimum recommendation of two sessions per week to ensure significant progress. This aligns with the British Dyslexia Association's recommendation for children with dyslexia, showing the most positive impact with shorter, more frequent sessions. I also offer 40 minute lessons for older students.

5. Do I offer free trial sessions for phonics and literacy?
Instead of free trials, I offer two paid trial lessons at £20 each, totalling £40. This includes a thorough phonics and reading assessment and a taster session, ensuring a seamless and effective start tailored to your child’s needs.

6. How do I assess and track your child's progress?

  • Initial Reading Check: I assess your child's current reading level at the start.

  • Continuing Observation: I monitor performance through interactive techniques during sessions.

  • Regular Progress Checks: Periodic assessments measure growth in comprehension, fluency, and phonics mastery.

  • Progress Reports: I provide regular updates on your child's achievements and development.

  • Parent Engagement: Effective communication with parents is maintained to support your child's progress.

7. What are my terms and conditions for literacy tutoring?
Please review my terms and conditions before starting. Your understanding is crucial for a successful tutoring experience. 

8. How can you book expert literacy tuition with me?

  • Book a meet and greet to discuss your child's needs and receive personalised options. Online learning is my exclusive offering for mastering phonics, reading, spelling, and literacy.

During our chat, you’ll be able to share your child’s needs, and I will provide personalised options for you based on this.

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